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How to Make Your Own Compost Bin

Posted by New Chapter on September 4, 2018
Composting is the practice of placing non-animal based, organic trash - such as vegetables, eggshells, and coffee grinds - in a container to decompose. Over several months, the material  eventually turns into nutrient-rich soil that can be added to your garden to help your flowers and vegetables grow. It’s an eco-friendly process that prevents landfill waste and fosters a healthier environment. It also reduces the amount of toxic gas released into our atmosphere, decreasing overall pollution.
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Topics: Sustainability, Doing Good

Charcoal: The Chameleon of Health and Beauty

Posted by New Chapter on August 21, 2018

Charcoal has been used throughout recent history to fill pencils, fuel trains, and fire up grills. In a world of constant innovation, charcoal has also become a staple in the world of beauty and medicine.

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Topics: Beauty, Immune, Digestive Health

Udon Soup: Super Fresh Meal in a Bowl

Posted by New Chapter on August 7, 2018

What better way to feel nourished than a simple warming soup? Chock full of freshly chopped veggies, grated fresh ginger, and fermented miso, this soup was inspired by favorite herbs and vegetables found in New Chapter products! We recommend eating with a spoon and a fork (or chopsticks) to not miss any of this slurpable one-bowl meal.

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Topics: Recipes, Herbs


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