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Vanilla Orange Energy Bites: Protein on the Go

Posted by New Chapter on October 17, 2019

When building your healthy regimen, adding the right protein powder is a great way to get a clean & reliable source of this macronutrient. New Chapter’s Plant Protein+ powders are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and deliver a whopping 20 grams of plant protein per serving. Plant Protein+ is formulated with whole-food seeds including chia, flax, hemp, and pumpkin, plus a blend of protein-rich brown rice and mung bean for the right balance of amino acids that build complete (and completely vegan) protein for your body to use. It also has clinically studied digestive enzymes for better absorption—no more protein bloat!

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Overnight Oats, Pumpkin Spice Edition

Posted by New Chapter on October 1, 2019

Make your breakfast taste like fall with this simple, no-cook recipe. Best part—add in fermented herbal booster powder and you’ve got your easily digestible superfoods for the day.

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Fermented Black Seed Vinaigrette

Posted by New Chapter on September 3, 2019

Dress up your salad with tangy vegan vinaigrette. First get your greens washed and your veggies chopped, then whisk together this dressing and you’re ready in 5. Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder brings uplifting benefits including mood and memory support.*

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Superfruit Smoothie Bowl

Posted by New Chapter on August 19, 2019

Get ready to power through your day. Enjoy clean plant protein with clinically studied digestive enzymes to boost absorption in this easy-to-make recipe.

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Topics: Fitness, Recipes, Being Well, Nutrition Unlocked

Sweet on Adaptogens: Maca Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Posted by New Chapter on August 13, 2019

Adaptogens are herbal allies that help the human body deal with stressors. Sounds good, right?! One renowned adaptogen is Maca, an ancient superfood from Peru that supports energy, endurance, and recovery.* Check out New Chapter’s easy-to-use Maca Booster Powder that’s unlocked through the power of fermentation. 

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5 Post-Workout Tips for Maximum Recovery

Posted by New Chapter on August 9, 2019

We’ve all heard the remarkable upsides of physical activity. Regular exercise is linked to so many benefits, including more restful sleep and better energy, stronger bones and healthy weight, and even increased lifespan. Exercise is so important that the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention make it a cornerstone for healthy living, recommending adults get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week and do muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days.

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Topics: Fitness, Being Well, Nutrition Unlocked

4 Ways to Boost Adaptogen Intake

Posted by New Chapter on August 5, 2019

Adding high-quality adaptogens to your daily supplement regimen can help your body adjust to everyday stressors. What are adaptogens? They’re therapeutic herbs and mushrooms that strengthen your natural response to stress. Here’s the scoop on helping your body get through life’s ups and downs.

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4 Reasons We Love Vermont

Posted by New Chapter on July 29, 2019

New Chapter is based in Brattleboro, Vermont—a small, quirky town in the southeast corner of the state. Giving back to our hometown area is a key part of New Chapter’s foundation, whether through product or monetary donations, employee food drives for our local foodbank, or working in the community on employee volunteer days. Check out a few causes that are close to our home and hearts:

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Topics: Philanthropy, Doing Good

Quick Aloe-Pineapple Kombucha Smoothie

Posted by New Chapter on July 19, 2019

Calming Fermented Aloe Booster Powder supports detox and digestion,* and is great blended with probiotic-packed kombucha. Add fresh peppermint to highlight the digestive herbs in the booster powder (it contains fermented peppermint, coriander, cardamom, artichoke, and turmeric).

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Topics: Recipes, Digestive Health

10 Must-Haves for Expecting Moms

Posted by New Chapter on July 9, 2019

As an expecting mom, you will undergo numerous physical changes over the course of approximately 40 weeks. During pregnancy, your body will experience both visible and unseen transformations to accomplish the extraordinary task of creating new life.

Different women will have different experiences during pregnancy. Yet, all share a common need for certain nutrients and resources to support your baby’s growth, along with your own health and wellness. Ten of the most important items for an expecting mother to have on hand include:

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